Construction projects reshape Elon’s campus, future

When Colonnades opens its doors for students in August 2011, it will be the first of several completed construction projects that will impact student life.

Colonnades Projected Completion: August 1, 2011

The construction on the Colonnades buildings are almost finished. There will be three new dormitory buildings — Colonnades C, D and E.

The three new Colonnades dormitories will add 280 beds. Most of these beds are meant for students, but there are two faculty apartments in Colonnades and one apartment for the Area Director.

Demolition and construction of Story Center Projected completion: December 2012

When students return from summer vacation, Story Center will have been demolished.

“Right after Dr. Lambert says ‘Long Live Elon’ at graduation, the construction will start,” said Neil Bromilow, director of planning, design and construction management. “I am thinking it will be about 24 hours after graduation.”

It will take most of the summer just to remove the beds and tear down the current dormitories.

Once all of the new dormitories are built in the former Story and Harper’s Center, there will be 298 new beds.

There will also be a new design aesthetic for these dormitories, and there will be many different living arrangements available.

“I honestly think it will start to look redundant,” sophomore Alexa Sykes said. “Everyone knows Elon is beautiful; I think Story Center added character. I loved being there my freshman year. It was the authentic college experience.”

There are double rooms that share a bathroom with the hall, there are double rooms that share a bathroom with a suite, there are single rooms with their own bathrooms and there are single rooms that share bathrooms with other rooms.

“There are multiple housing choices to appeal to different age students,” Bromilow said. “The single rooms and the rooms with their own bathrooms are geared more towards older students and the hall-style rooms are geared toward freshmen.”

Not everyone thinks that these different options will be a good thing for students.

“I think it makes the housing process more confusing for freshmen,” Sykes said. “It was already confusing my freshman year when we had more limited options.”

Demolition and construction of Harper’s Center Projected Completion: July 2014

Harper Center cannot be demolished until the first two dormitories in Story Center have been built.

The new buildings in Story Center and Harper Center will have a variety of rooms including classrooms, faculty housing and rooms for students to hangout in. Some ideas for the student hang out rooms include a theater and eating establishments.

All students will be able to get into the first floor of these buildings because of the common areas and the classrooms, but swipe access will be required to access the upper floors where students reside.

“Story Center and Harper Center were selected for demolition because they are not configured for our style of student living and engagement with an exterior hall and no common area,” Bromilow said.

Greek Houses Projected Completion: Spring 2011

The new Greek houses in Loy Commons have consistently been ahead of schedule, and will be finished before the end of the semester. Students will move into them next fall.

Sigma Kappa will be moving into the new Greek house, Q, NPHC will be moving into the two new half-houses, Sigma Phi Epsilon will be in the new Greek house N and Delta Delta Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha will be in the new Greek houses R and S of Sigma Kappa. The two new organizations will be located in the older halfhouses.

New Dining Hall Projected Completion: December 2012

Construction will start on a new dining hall in June 2011. This dining hall will serve as a replacement to Harden, which will be torn down in the spring of 2012.

This dining hall will be located on the west end of Moseley.

“The new dining hall will branch out of Irazu Coffee,” Bromilow said. “This will have part of campus closed, the lake side of campus, so basically Staley through the Greek courts will be closed off to students during construction.”

The original story can be seen here.


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