More than media madness: Will and Kate’s fairytale

The Royal Family is going through a major public relations crisis trying to find a way to connect the traditions that have been passed down through the Tudor family with the modern day public. The monarchy got lucky with the addition of Kate Middleton to its family because she is a representation of the average person and the fairy tale with which children grow up.

Prince William of Wales made the decision to get engaged and will be standing at the end of the aisle. But most of his job is now done. Middleton is the one that now has the weight on her shoulders.

When Kate walks down the aisle, she will be representing the future of the monarchy, the role of college-educated women in royalty and the dreams of millions of little girls.

The popularity of the monarchy started to diminish when Princess Diana died. The death spurred theories of corruption and brought to light the marriage for necessity instead of love that took place between Princess Diana and Prince Charles.  It has been reported that Prince William was told by his mother that he needed to marry for love, which is important because this marriage needs to be based in something that can last. Hopefully, that thing will be love.

It is essential this marriage lasts in order to keep the British monarchy alive because it is currently not very popular. The controversy that started the minute the last paparazzi flash lit up Princess Diana’s face left an aftertaste that the British monarchy is hoping Will and Kate will be able to wash away.

A normal bride gets to decide who her maid of honor should be without any complaints. Kate got to pick her sister, Pippa Middleton, to be her maid of honor, one of many bridges to modernity that this royal couple is supposed to represent.

Kate will become the first college-educated queen that the monarchy has ever seen. Will and Kate are the first future king and queen to live out of wedlock and she will also be the first non-royal to marry a future king in more than 300 years. In this way, she connects with the everyday people. Ideally, this will help people remember why they fell in love with fairytales in the first place, and cause them to cheer for the couple.

Little girls often hear their parents refer to them as “their princesses” and spend their youth parading around in tiaras and tutus.  For many girls in today’s society, the fairytale fantasy does not completely end.

Kate Middleton proves that even without royal blood, there is a chance to become a princess for all of those past elementary school who still find occasions to wear tiaras.

Other media fixtures, like celebrities, will come and go, but the future Prince and Princess of Wales will go down in history books and have an impact. Until people realize what political or social impact Will and Kate have, they are leaving a lasting impact of hope.

Their marriage is a sign that a relationship for love can last, a country can get past a controversy, monarchy can be brought to the modern age and little girls are not wasting their time watching Disney princesses wearing tiaras. Any dream can come true.

That is a lot of responsibility for any marriage, so people should tune in and watch Kate as she walks down the aisle into a traditionally tumultuous family. There are few people who would be brave enough to walk down the aisle, toward a family that once created a new religion in order to obtain a divorce.

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