Summer Internship at Organic Gardening

This summer I worked for Rodale Inc. as an Online Editorial Intern for Organic Gardening Magazine. I have always been someone who spent more time working with print than the online side of things, so it was an exciting opportunity to get to go work with the other side of a magazine. The most daunting task that I was told that I would do this summer was creating the ipad app for the June/July issue of Organic Gardening.

Well the application is now up for people to buy! It was an amazing experience to get to hold the tablet in my hand and flip through each page of the magazine. While it was a really daunting task at first, I am so glad that I got to create an application and work on the process from beginning to end.

This summer I have also gotten to be responsible for the Organic Gardening social media and helping maintain the website. My first big task was to go through and re-write all headlines to reflect SEO better. This is something I have had experience with before, but it was sure a big task — there were over 800 headlines that needed to be rewritten. The day that I got to close that spreadsheet was a pretty awesome feeling, until I learned that it was time to open another spreadsheet. This time I was tagging all of the articles on the website and selecting keywords. My favorite part has been maintaining the social media pages. It has been fun to interact with people through OG’s Facebook and Twitter pages because the readers of the magazine are helping me learn about gardening, while I help them learn!


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