My very last luminaries…

I loved Elon University from the moment I first went for to apply for the Fellows program my senior year of high school. That visit helped me fall in love with the community, the campus and the little touches that are ‘onlyatElon’ (shameless plug for a twitter handle that I very much like).

However, I am pretty sure it was in December after my first semester that I realized I was in that kind of love that words doesn’t describe, that love that will always be a part of you with Elon University. Why exactly did this happen? Because I experienced my first Luminaries at Elon University. It is the most amazing moment. I love how people from the Elon University and the Town of Elon come together as one community and drink hot chocolate and apple cider, listen to carolers, ride around in a train driven by Santa Claus and sit in awe at the one moment where campus all lights up. It is beautiful.

I have some friends who can’t imagine why a group of college students would want to take a picture with Santa Claus and see a college campus glowing with holiday lights. But they just have not experienced that moment where the little things are more important than the tests and the homework and everything else. I was so sad when I missed it during my semester in London, but for the three of the last four years it was what started the holiday season for me.

This year I got to spend it with many of my favorite people in the world, which was amazing. Well, as long as I did not think about the fact it was my last one…


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