“I would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of New York’s skyline.” -Ayn Rand

My whole life I have wanted to move to New York City. As an avid reader, I grew up falling in love with words. I wanted to meet people, learn about the world and find a way to tell the best story. Where is the best place to be a storyteller? New York City, of course. The city that has inspired my mind since I was a little girl, making me imagine this paradise of people and words and art and creativity and intelligence. Is this place real? No. I know that New York isn’t what I imagine it to be. I realize it may let me down at times, but I also am sure that it is going to be the most amazing adventure, love story, and experience of my life.

I love fairy tales, but in honesty, I love the originals with the less-than-happy endings and the creepy factor. So, knowing that sometimes dreams are shattered and you end up as sea foam, I am moving to New York on June 2nd to follow my dreams.  While I always planned on moving there, I didn’t know it would be a reality until mid-February when I found out I would be participating in a new program at Elon University called Bridges. I will be moving to the City with 7 other recent graduates and 2 staff members from the University and will be living in a New School dorm.

I will have until mid-August to decide if New York is right for me. But let’s be honest, I highly doubt the city I have had a love affair with since I was a little girl will break my heart so quickly. Even the most toxic love affairs typically last a few months.

So here is to the next adventure, a dream coming true, a new love affair and a new life in a new city. Oh hello, real world, I am excited to meet you.


1 thought on ““I would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of New York’s skyline.” -Ayn Rand

  1. I cannot wait to read about your adventure! Whilst I live in London and thus feel it it is my husband, New York has always been my very own dirty mistress! I cannot wait to get there and I am so envious of your experience! x

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