“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.”

Tom Wolfe said the words that I used for as this posts headline. And well, I realize that most people don’t consider me a New Yorker yet, and in some people’s minds I will never be a New Yorker. But I feel like part of New York belongs to me, and part of me belongs to New York, no matter what anyone else thinks. I think all eight of us that Imagetraveled on this program, and moved to New York together, feel that way already.

Five days. Think about the last five of your life, or any five consecutive days in your life. Very rarely does that much change. We hear it takes just an instant to change your life, but those instants are not normally very close together. Well, since I moved to New York five days ago I have had so many life changing moments. I have moved states, moved into my new (but temporary home) in Chelsea, met so many new people, bought my first 30-day unlimited metro card, attended eight different networking events, and visited the Condé Nast and Hearst offices. Sure these offices may just be buildings, but they are buildings filled with the people who have helped create the words and images in the magazines I have treated as my personal guidebooks for everything . I even tried Ukrainian food for the very first time.

And while I am making all of these changes, I am already having to look out for the next batch of changes. I am looking for the apartment that I will move into August 4th (because being homeless in New York is not something I want to experience) and constantly applying for jobs and networking events. It is hard to imagine how the next five days, or the five days after that, could bring even more changes. But I know they will.

According to Tom Wolfe, five minutes and five years are the same. So with that math where does five days leave you? Well, right now in love with this city. And well, perhaps, ready for a pay check 🙂


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