Read My Latest: 26 Love Triangles We Will Never Forget

The OC Love Triangle, Summer & SethMaybe I was just a child freak, but as a kid I wanted to be in a love triangle. Not just any love triangle — but one of those dramatic, emotionally-invested, heartbreaking ones that were always designed to make you see the person you truly love. So, yes, one straight from TV. I grew out of that stage. Like every one else I realized that what I wanted was something healthy, drama-free, safe, and, yes, real. 

But, I still get excited when I realize the main character is going to have to chose between two very different lovers.There is a reason that I cried and cried during the last few episodes of The Good Wife’s season five, that the ending of How I Met Your Mother continually infuriates me, and I re-watch seasons 1-6 of One Tree Hill whenever I am sick or hibernating from the world. The love triangle may be a predictable plot device, it may last WAY too long way too often, and it may be unrealistic, but I will never stop loving it. Here are the love triangles I will never forget.

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